Troubleshooting guide for VAST campaigns.

How VAST works:

We create VAST tag with one of the viewability measurement option (VPAID or OMID) and we share with MOAT(or any 3rd party) which then wraps it into VAST tag with either VPAID or OMID or both measurement options in one tag. When we add creative into DSP when we receive from 3rd party, we start campaigns and we then:

1. Try to create different version (vast2, vast3, vast4) of the creative, to cover more bid requests (if creative version is vast2 all will be created, if version is vast3 we will create vast3 and vast4, if creative is vast4 only vast 4 will be used)

2. Check each bid request, what vast version and measurement option (VPAID/OMID) this bid supports our bidders then select which creative to take to match the bid request information

3. We bid only on "matching" bid request and then get info why we didn't won or we get an impression What to look in creatives: - When sending creative for 3rd party, I suggest not to add any viewability measurement option - this will be less tricky, to get two different measurement (OMID and VPAID). We can add it later, when we get wrapped creatives. - What viewability measurement is used in "received wrapped creative" - search VPAID or OMID - and you will know which is used - If we want more reach - we need creative with OMID instead VPAID (best two separate creatives(in most cases, but could be both in one creative)). 

How to check VAST XML:

VAST XML contains all in the information regarding the VAST video you're running, to open it you just need to take the VAST URI and paste it your browser:

Vast Versions:

If you notice that some of VAST campaigns are struggling with spending, it might be that it's because the VAST is running on certain version, most likely VAST 4,  most of vast traffic comes from VAST 2 and VAST 3

To check witch VAST version is being used, you need to open pre-wrapped VAST XML, and in the top you will see the vast version :


Usually, the best scenario is when the client shares tags for all VAST versions, but if you get only 1 tag from the client, and it's VAST 4, you can manually change the version by adding &vastVersion=3 or &vastVersion=2 in the end of the tag, for example:[OMIDPARTNER]&apiframeworks=

Wrapped tags:

1. Create campaign A with the original VAST video, set the campaigns date to the actual campaign date that will run with the wrapped tags.

2. Go to the campaign approval page, copy the VAST URI and send it to the client to wrap (Do not approve the actual campaign, leave it as Pending).