Exploring Banner/IBV/Native Integrations within 3rd Party Verification Platforms


In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, where capturing and retaining users' attention is paramount, the role of third-party verification platforms has become increasingly vital. Advertisers and publishers alike have sought ways to ensure the transparency, viewability, and brand s afety of their online campaigns. However, beyond their fundamental functions lies a lesser-known yet innovative aspect that is pois ed to revolutionise the industry - the integration of creative wrapping. In this article, we delve into the practical implications how Banners/IBV/Native ads executed through Eskimi should be wrapped into a 3rd party verification platform. 

Banner, IBV, Native Wrapping Process for Ad Operations Team
  1. Begin by uploading the client's creatives through the creative setup page.

  2. Set up a campaign using the newly uploaded creatives.

  3. Access the preview page of the campaign.

  4. Right-click on the creative and select "Inspect Element", or navigate to the developer's tools.