IAS: Report Builder - Agency account


In this article it is described regarding auto-report set up from IAS (Integral Ad Sience) vereficator. Both reports are needed in case to be able to proceed with needed optimisation of campaign. Which is crucial for reaching good campaign KPIs and troubleshoot on data descripency that usually appears due to different methodology of measurement between DSP and 3rd party verification. 

Total report per campaign - this report is needed for the evaluation of campaign performance, and troubleshoot discrepancy of measured stats. Report should include campaign or/and placement as main segment split. It also should include all important KPIs and be established for period from the start till the end day of campaign. 

Report per domains/apps - this report is needed for KPIs evaluation across different sites/apps and helps to optimise campaign for reaching better KPIs by excluding site and apps with lower performance. This report should include dates, campaigns and show last 30 days stats. 

Keep in mind that it is possible to prepare auto-report only when campaigns measured some ads. Otherwise, you will not able to select needed campaigns for your report. Therefore, Plan to prepare auto-report on the 3rd day after campaigns started, as it takes up to 48h for IAS to collect data on their side.

Total campaign report step-by-step set up guide

1. First of all open your IAS account and go to "Build New Report" menu

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 17.23.23.png

2. In this menu you need to establish report name (keep the name clear possible for yourself and Eskimi DSP team). For "Data Range" menu select "Campaign to Date: From Last Active Campaign" and scroll down till the "Report type" section.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 17.23.33.png

3. In Report Type section you will need to create 4 different sheets as it is shown on the screen below. You can name sheets accordingly "Daily Campaigns", "Total Campaigns", "Daily Placements", "Total Placements". Each sheet will be presented in same xls file which will be generated automatically. Start with one sheet creation, select "Performance Report" and scroll down till "Dimensions" section.

Tip 1: Create 1 sheet at first, for example "Daily Campaigns". And move to next steps. Later on the sheet might be copied so it will simplify process of creation as you will not need go from the scratch on all next steps for each separate sheet. 

Tip 2: If you are using separate tracker per each placement, then create reports per placements as well, so it will be 4 sheets in total. However if you are measuring performance per campaign level, it would be enough to create only 2 sheets which is "Daily campaigns" and "Total campaigns"