Retargeting Site First Party Audience

First-party data is defined as data that was collected directly about your audience. In most cases, in Eskimi, we are collecting first-party data from your own website.

How is first party data collected?

First party data is collected by adding a pixel to a customer website that collects information about behaviors and actions of audience and records it. Whenever a visitor lands on or clicks website, looks at products or fills out a survey, that data can be collected.

How to create User First Party Audience: 

1. Click on Tools (left side of your dashboard) and select Audiences

app 1 ps.jpg

2. Then click Add Audience (right top corner of the screen)

app 2  ps.jpg

3. Now you will see a page on setting up audience collection

first 3 ps.jpg

On the audience creation screen you will need to fill in the following:
- Audience name;
- Choose the type - Retargeting ( user first party );
- Choose date interval - here you indicate how long the audience will be collected; 
- Choose the rule - "Anyone visiting the website" OR "Users visiting specific web pages" 

Let's now take a hypothetical situation: customer wants to track audiences who enter the websites registration page, products page, and contact page. 

Using the old tracking codes we had to generate 3 separate codes which had to placed in these specific pages. But using the new tracking pixel, it is possible to use same audience pixel on each website page, the rest is configured through the dashboard.

- After adding the URL's set the "User validity" - here you indicate how long the collected audience will be stored.

When all variables are set, click "SAVE" and that's it, your Audience is configured and saved. 

Note: if a customer wants to collect audience from 2 or more different websites, then only one tracking pixel is needed (but the same pixel must be installed on all websites).

But it's also important to keep in mind that tracking pixel is linked only to one Eskimi DSP customer account. If a customer wants to collect an audience from 2 or more websites and campaigns will be launched from different accounts, then depending on a number of accounts there will be a corresponding number of tracking pixels.

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