Brand safety update

Brand safety update:
Exclude ’Strict’ and ‘suspicious’ was merged into 'Exclude'. You only have ‘exclude’ or ‘include’ in Brand safety now.Here’s how include/exclude works now. Will add to manual a bit later - please ask questions if any and will adjust accordingly.Step 1. You create a brand safety set of some words you want to target or want to avoid
For example, if you exclude a set that contains murder, and bid request comes from, Eskimi will not bid
E.g. if comes in a bid, Eskimi will we will not bid till our crawler checks what’s in that site. Once we do the check, we will see if ‘murder’ is part of the content or not, and include/exclude site accordingly.Match types:
Step 2. Choose on campaign approval
Tip #1:
Check if your keyword set doesn’t have single letters, words of a few letters or similar. Having such would cause ‘type match’ to exclude lots and lots of traffic.
E.g. if you added letter ‘a’ to the set and choose 'contains type match', all sites containing letter ‘a’ would be excluded. That's a lot of sites, as you can imagineTip #2:
brand safety keywords only work on full URL. E.g. are treated as 3 different sites

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