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Duplicating Campaigns

Campaign duplication allows users to create exact copies of existing campaigns with a single action. This functionality is particularly useful when users need to replicate always on campaigns or test variations without starting from scratch. By duplicating campaigns, users can save time and effort while maintaining consistency across their advertising strategies.

It is possible to duplicate a single campaign or multiple ones. 

Duplicating a single campaign

To duplicate a single campaign:

  1. Click on ... to open the side menu of a campaign you want to duplicate.
  2. Click on "Duplicate Campaigns."
  3. A new campaign form will open with pre-filled information. Once you add missing information, click on "Publish".
  4. A new copy of the campaign will be created. 


Duplicating multiple campaigns

To duplicate multiple campaigns:

  1. Select two or more campaigns you wish to duplicate.
  2. Click on "Actions" → "Duplicate Campaigns."
  3. Exact copies of the selected campaigns will be created and displayed at the top of the campaign list.

Newly created copies will have a Draft status assigned. Once copies are created you can proceed with editing or publishing them for approval.