CTV campaign

CTV campaigns

What is CTV?

Connected TV (CTV) is a technology that supports addressable TV advertising capabilities. This includes Smart TVs, Internet connected devices like Roku or gaming consoles.

With the recent mass movement to watch TV over the internet, Eskimi is announcing CTV advertising that delivers a high impact on brand building programmatically.

The device on which OTT content is delivered; a TV that is capable of connecting to the internet. The connection might be built-in, like smart TVs, or devices that enable streaming. CTV ads are a subset of the larger OTT (over-the-top) advertising sector. 

Why CTV?

Meets the needs 

As a consumer you have control of watching what you want and when you want. As an advertiser, you get the impact, the attention and the scale of linear TV with an added digital lens. 

Quick advancements in technology 

From highly advanced ways of measuring real impact, to performance based digital reporting, greater ad personalisation and audience mapping capabilities, the tech is evolving rapidly. 

Trusted advertising 

For businesses looking to give CTV advertising a go, you won’t be flying blind, the industry has already provided significant learning despite being in its infancy.  

CTV features

CTV devices 

Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc. 

Game consoles: Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, etc. 

Streaming devices: Apple TV, Amazon Stick, Smart DVD, etc.

Creative options & requirements

CTV is a FHD non-skippable VAST video ad. 

File Type - mp4

Video resolution - FHD (1920x1080px) or External VAST URI (without VPAID) 

Video length - recommended length is 30 seconds, maximum length is 1 minute. The recommended length is based on ad opportunities. Publishers clearly define the minimum and maximum length of the ad in the CTV environment. 30 seconds is the most common maximum length for CTV advertising. It is possible to use longer video, but the ad opportunities will be reduced which will impact the campaign performance.

File size - recommended size is 45 mb, maximum size is 100 mb.

VPAID/OMID is not supported, therefore the viewability is not tracked. 


CTV advertising supports placements (inventory of apps), locations (country, city) , technical (device type, brand, model, operators and more). 

CTV campaigns do not support behavioral and age, gender targeting. 


CTV advertising is based on the CPM bidding method. 


CTV report includes all standard metrics (impressions, reach, etc.) and video metrics: first quartile, midpoint, third quartile, complete, VTR, CPV, views, pause resume. It also includes inventory, operators, device price analysis and more. 

Setup & optimization

CTV campaign setup is a standard video campaign launch. The only difference is that PMP deal must be selected in CTV campaign as CTV is only supported through PMP deals. 

CTV campaign can be optimized via Targeting optimisation section by different layers and based on main and video metrics. 

Limitations & troubleshooting 

CTV ad examples