Eskimi Pixel Implementation via GTM

Integrating tracking pixels into your digital marketing campaigns is crucial for effective measurement and optimization. If you're using Eskimi DSP for your advertising needs, this manual article will guide you through the process of implementing the Eskimi DSP tracking pixels seamlessly using Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to efficiently set up the Eskimi DSP tracking pixels through GTM and ensure accurate tracking and measurement of your advertising efforts.

It is important to note that when implementing pixels, testing should be conducted in collaboration with the Eskimi support team. This will ensure accurate data collection, and validate whether the pixel is properly integrated with your website.

Audience pixel implementation (automated version)

!Important - do not use it with conversion tracking until further notice

Eskimi DSP has been included in the Google Tag Manager's Community Template Gallery, streamlining the process of deploying the Eskimi DSP tracking pixel on client websites that utilise GTM.