Eskimi Tracking Pixel - Introduction & Implementation

Integrating tracking pixels into your digital marketing campaigns is crucial for effective measurement and optimization of your campaigns. If you're using Eskimi DSP for your advertising needs, this manual article will guide you through the introduction and implementation process of Eskimi DSP tracking pixels.

Eskimi is a separate platform and we have our own user base and tracking system. Eskimi combines a larger reach of customers and needs to track them separately. The audience code allows you to create audiences from your current site users, analyze the browsing pages of your current users, then retarget them. Also when you put audience code in your site, our programmatic platform learns more about your users, conversions and then can direct better quality users from the programmatic campaigns that you run. Also the code does not impact the load times or performance of the page, it is quite light.

If you prefer to implement Eskimi DSP Pixels through Google Tag Manager (GTM), you can follow the instructions outlined in the provided article for a step-by-step guide.

It is important to note that when implementing pixels, testing should be conducted in collaboration with the Eskimi support team. This will ensure accurate data collection, and validate whether the pixel is properly integrated with your website.

Eskimi DSP provides the following tracking pixels for: 

Audience and Conversion pixels

The most commonly used tracking pixels are audience and conversion pixels as they allow implementing new advertising strategies and optimization possibilities

In order to track retargeting (site first party) audience, engaged sessions and conversions it is necessary to implement Eskimi tracking pixels on the landing page.

Implemented pixels allows you not only to see the metrics but also optimize on them which is significantly important. With implemented pixels you can see (just a few examples):

Audience and conversion pixels give you multiple opportunities to optimize on better performance therefore it is strongly recommended to implement them for multiple campaigns' objectives. 

Eskimi DSP Tracking Pixels Implementation

Each account on the Eskimi DSP platform is equipped with a unique and highly customizable tracking pixel codes.

To access the pixel code, go to your account and locate the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the page. Click on it and select the "Tracking Pixels" option from the drop-down menu. In the "Tracking Pixels" section, the first code you see corresponds to the audience code, which is utilized for Site First Party audience collection. 

For a visual reference, please consult the accompanying image below.