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Client side - Facebook page integration

Eskimi DSP is a single view platform that gives the possibility to track performance not only of display campaigns but for social media as well. However, to have everything under one umbrella Facebook Page must be integrated into Eskimi DSP Business Manager. This task might appear challenging if you are trying to do it by yourself. Therefore, we would like to share a few options on how you can do it.

1. Request approval

The most commonly used method is to approve the request sent from Eskimi DSP Business Manager. The request can be found in your page’s ''Settings'' section under ''Page Role''. After the request is granted, the Facebook page will be added to your DSP account where you will be able to directly reach your page posts. Keep in mind that only page admins can approve the request.


2. Managing assets via Business Manager

If you are managing a lot of different brand pages and you wish to give the rights within one platform, you can easily give assets via your own Business Manager. To do so you will have to choose ''Assign Partners'' under the Page section. Eskimi DSP Business Manager ID must be entered, after that ''Create ads'' and ''View Page performance'' functions have to be selected.



After yours or your client’s Facebook Page is successfully added to your Eskimi DSP account, you will be able to proceed with your social media campaigns. From here on out you will be able to manage all your campaigns from one place.