GA4: How to confirm you receive data in the GA4 account

Last update 14/12/22

Many of the reports and explorations can take 24-48 hours to process data or even more.
There are some accounts where data is aggregated even with 72 hours delay.

You can use the Realtime and DebugView reports to confirm that you're collecting data from the website/app.
(Admin > Property > Debugview)

Realtime report
Once you add Analytics and people start to use your website or app, you will start to see data in the Realtime report. Anyone with access to the Google Analytics 4 property can view the data in the report. Learn more

DebugView report
The DebugView report lets you monitor events from a browser or mobile device.
In this report you can see how events are registered.

Realtime vs. DebugView reports
The following table outlines key differences between the two reports:

image-1671021230867.33.40 PM.png