VAST wrapping into VPAID/OMID trackers

Wrapping VAST video into VPAID or OMID tracker can sound complicated. However, it is easier than you think. This article will guide you through how to setup your VAST video campaign with Lumen trackers.


We have created one universal tag to wrap your VAST video into VPAID tag. Adops are only required to encode the VAST URI which will be found in the campaign approval page. The encoded VAST URI should change the [encoded_vast_URI] in the tag below:[encoded_vast_URI]&vcheck=2f4149a521dc65f953d25440c505b9da&cp_lineItemName={campaign_title}&size={creative_size}&a={app_bundle}&cp_extSiteId={site_id}&cp_creativeId={creative_id}&cp_lineItemId={campaign_id}&cp_dspId=eskimi&cp_extSellerId={exchange_id}&cp_placementId={placement_id}&api_frameworks=[APIFRAMWORKS]

The newly generated VPAID tag should be uploaded as remote VAST URI. Don't forget to track VPAID viewability. As Lumen calculates attentioned from viewable impressions.



To wrap your VAST video into OMID tag you only require to change the [APIFRAMWORKS] macros to a number 7 which based on the oRTB standard is considered as OMID API. Also, don't forget to track viewability.

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 15.36.32.png


Don't forget to add the CPM price as technical fees:

VAST video - 0.25$

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