A private marketplace (PMP) refers to a digital marketplace where advertising is bought and sold programmatically between exclusive parties. It refers to invite-only environments where publishers offer premium ad space to quality advertisers

Preferred Deals (non-guaranteed) is a feature that allows sellers to offer inventory to a single advertiser via a single or various buyers. Some publishers also choose to offer certain inventory exclusively through Preferred Deals.

Programmatic Guaranteed enables the seller and the buyer to negotiate a price and terms for the inventory that is reserved (guaranteed) for that buyer. Inventory is designated for only that buyer at that price.

It is forecasted that private marketplace spending will grow at double-digit rates through 2021. Advertisers will move from the open marketplace to the private marketing place more and more.

The primary reason for this: The open marketplace is rife with potential for ad fraud and The open marketplace is rife with potential for ad fraud and branding disaster. Despite their exclusive nature, PMPs are not immune to ad fraud, but they have more regulation. The key is to ask what the publisher is doing to prevent ad fraud.

Why PMPs are important to advertisers (clients)?

Brand safety - While buying inventory via open marketplace advertisers cannot be sure who they are buying ad spaces from and how it could affect their reputation. This can lead to serious losses, especially if an ad appears within violent, extremist, or simply inappropriate content. Such a situation is not a rare case, so many brands turn to PMPs in search of reputation protection.

First-party data - Private marketplace data lets advertisers directly get accurate information from the publishers regarding their audience, traffic volumes, and engagement rates if there are an agreement and leverage for this option.

Transparency - A clear understanding of all the details is probably one of the best things about private marketplaces.

Quality/Premium - Publishers can package the PMP based on higher viewability, better positions and etc.

Why PMPs are important for Eskimi?

Partnership - PMPs also ensure stronger partnerships between supply and demand as both sides of the auction are known. Because of this, partners can build trust and establish a continuous relationship once their initial trading showed successful results. This naturally could lead to bigger SSP in the future for us.

Revenue - Offer clients premium, quality inventory for which clients would be willing to pay more.

Long term results - PMPs could be packaged to help the clients to reach the relevant audiences. So delivering better results. Expectations that clients would stay and keep on buying.

Becoming standard - As we have already discussed, PMPs are getting more popular each year and can become an industry-standard quiet soon. It is already available on a wide range of programmatic exchange platforms and can be used for any kind of inventories from premium to remnant ads. So why not to be the ones in the market that offer rich opportunities in PMP buying?

Opportunities Through Eskimi

Theoretically, any publisher under our exchange list would be available for a PMP. Analyze Traffic discovery for opportunities.

  1. Preferred deals: Direct communication with Publishers through authorized buyers (Doubleclick) - easier, faster, efficient. Or through any major exchange which sometimes may take longer due to longer communication chain.

2. Programmatic guaranteed: Are fully available through Loopme. Other exchanges do not provide this exclusivity for us.



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