UID 2.0 integration

UID 2.0 Integration: A User Manual for Programmatic DSP

UID 2.0, also known as the Universal ID 2.0, is a collaborative initiative within the advertising industry designed to address the challenges of a cookie-less web, especially with the increased privacy regulations and browser restrictions. This manual focuses on integrating UID 2.0 into a programmatic Demand Side Platform (DSP) with emphasis on changes in audience sizes due to addressability restrictions on Safari and Firefox.

Introduction to UID 2.0

UID 2.0, or Universal ID 2.0, is an industry initiative designed as an alternative to third-party cookies for online ad targeting and tracking. Given the diminishing support for third-party cookies due to privacy concerns and browser restrictions, UID 2.0 uses various identifiers, from encrypted email addresses of users (with their consent) to 1st party cookies, as a basis for tracking and ad targeting. It aims to provide a standardised solution across the advertising industry that respects user privacy while still enabling targeted advertising.

Access on Safari and Firefox

With leading browsers like Safari and Firefox taking stringent measures against third-party cookies, advertisers and agencies have grappled with decreasing audience sizes and limited addressability. UID 2.0 offers a privacy-centric yet effective way to reach audiences on these platforms. Eskimi adoption of UID 2.0 means our partners can now connect with a previously untapped audience segment, making their campaigns more impactful than ever.

Benefits for Agencies and Advertisers:

  1. Enhanced Addressability: Unlock precise targeting capabilities, ensuring that your brand message reaches the right audience at the right time, even on Safari and Firefox.

  2. Improved ROI: Broaden your campaign reach to include engaged users on Safari and Firefox, leading to better conversions and improved return on advertising spend.

  3. Privacy-First Approach: UID 2.0 still places user consent and privacy at the forefront. Advertise confidently, knowing you're compliant with the industry's latest privacy standards.



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