Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky is an ad network that specializes in adult content. It's integrated to Eskimi through OpenRTB.

Can & cannot
* Run simple banner ads, video ads (limitation: for video ads adchoice logo needs to be removed)
* Report on results
* Optimise campaigns

** Run Javascript creatives
** No Javascript 3rd party tags - for impression tracking possible to use 1x1 pixel tracker type
** No viewability measurement 
** No 3rd party javascript-based measurement solutions
** No rich media (templated or otherwise)

Getting Started:
Traffic Junky exchange is disabled to all users by default. Traffic Junky has to be enabled only for users that are willing to run adult content

If Traffic Junky is enabled to users that are not willing to run adult content, such users would see adult sites in traffic discovery, at a minimum. If all exchanges are selected, ads might run on adult exchanges.

Main banner sizes: 300x250, 300x100, 315x300, 900x250. Additionally, 315x300 accepts 300x250 banner format and 900x250 accepts 300x250 banner format.

Video creatives can be launched as VAST - without showing adchoice logo. The video placement will always be pre-roll.


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