Firebase & Eskimi


One of the main things we have encountered so far with App marketers is the lack of knowledge about different mobile tracking/attribution partners. There aren’t many useful and easy to comprehend resources about comparing them, so it is hard to figure out which ones are essential to have and why you might sometimes need to use several tracking platforms. Let’s start with the one that is very useful to have, which is Firebase.

What is Firebase?

Google Firebase is a Google-backed application development software that enables developers to develop iOS, Android and Web apps. Firebase provides tools for tracking analytics, reporting and fixing app crashes, creating marketing and product experiment.

It can be used for many different causes, and to bring it all together in one sentence: “Firebase is Google’s mobile application development platform that helps you build, improve, and grow your app.”


While Firebase is super useful for many analytics tasks, what it lacks is in the connection with major Ad Networks. From the biggest one, it only supports Google Ads. This means that you can’t accurately track the source of installs and in-app actions to evaluate the effectiveness of your app campaigns.

Additionally, it is not possible to export data from Firebase to other 3rd party platforms such as Eskimi DSP. This is because Eskimi DSP is not a part of Google’s products. While Google allows exchanging data only between Google products such as between Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Way Forward: Google Ads

As it was mentioned before Firebase is connected only with Google Ads. Through Eskimi’s Multi-channel solution it is possible to run Universal App Campaigns that will scale up your app installs. However, before beginning with the app advertising Firebase and Google Play store should be linked in order to track app installs on Google Ads.


More valuable information about Google Ads and Firebase linking:

Alternatives: Mobile Measurement Partners

MMPs such as AppsFlyerAdjustKochava are attribution and analytics tools, which help you to attribute and analyze the effectiveness of your mobile marketing activities. MMPs are particularly helpful if you want to measure outcomes across several ad networks. 

Putting it simply, it helps you understand from which channels you are getting app installs and most importantly, which particular channels and campaigns are driving in-app actions.

Say that you are advertising on Facebook, Google, Eskimi – MMP’s help you compare the different Ad networks side by side and show how effective each one of them is in achieving your KPI’s.

Mobile measurement partners will show you what was the actual last click which led to a conversion, helping you to have a more accurate view.

Eskimi DSP supports AppsFlyer, Adjust, and Kochava’s measurement solutions. This means that we support the top biggest mobile measurement partners.

To begin app advertising with Eskimi DSP, clients should ensure that one of the above-mentioned MMPs is integrated into the app which is going to be used during the advertising. Without the MMP Eskimi DSP won’t have the possibility to track installs and in-app events. Additionally, Eskimi DSP will only be able to report app installs and app events on the dashboard. So attribution metrics, session rate, uninstall rate that is displayed on mobile measurement partner’s platform won’t be displayed on Eskimi DSP.

To finalize

App measurement is super important and it can be done with a lot of 3rd party measurement platforms such as Firebase, Adjust, AppsFlyer, and many more. Eskimi DSP with its multi-channel solution and wide range of MMP support allows clients to track app installs and in-app events directly Eskimi dashboard. However, some data won’t be visible on the Eskimi DSP dashboard due to limited integration opportunities, but the full picture of the performance will be reached on the 3rd party measurement partner platform that the client will onboard.