VAST Video

What is VAST video?

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) - is a video ad that is served in a video player on publisher’s page.

As it is a skippable ad format, it is more suitable for longer video ads.

The length of a video for this format can vary from very short non-skippable (5 sec.) to long videos of 6 minutes. However, keep in mind that traffic will be limited if you use long video duration, as the most significant part of publishers supports video duration up to 30 sec. Therefore we recommend using videos with a maximum video's duration 30 sec. 

If the video is equal or less than 5 seconds it is served as non-skippable ad and if the duration is from 5 seconds it appears as skippable ad.

The required aspect ratio and dimensions - 720p or below is required, the optional inclusion of 1080p is recommended - either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios are acceptable. (Examples are: 320x480, 480x320, 1024x768, 768x1024)

Requirements summary:

- File Type: mp4
- Maximum Video file size: up to 5MB. 

Here are the examples of VAST video ad on desktop and mobile: