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UA: How to add "View" only to Eskimi channel in Google Analytics

This article presents a step-by-step guide on how to create filter in Google Analytics and provide the view for one specific source of inventory. Please follow the steps carefully.

1. In the Admin menu of the Google Analytics account choose the corresponding property and after the "View" menu appears click on "Create View" button: 


2. Choose "Website", type the name of the view in "Reporting View Name" section, choose the Reporting Time Zone and press "Create View":


3. Then select the created View and press to "Filters" button:


4. Then press to "+ADD FILTER" button: 


5. In the menu called "Add Filter to View" type the Filter Name, choose the filter type ("Custom"), check in "Include", and in the drop-down menu of "Filter Filed" menu choose "Campaign Source". Type in the filter pattern name of campaign source and press "Save":


6. Then choose "View Access Management" in the created view: 


7. In the "Add roles and data restrictions" menu type e-mail "", check the box called "Notify new users by e-mail". Choose the "Analyst" role and press "Add":