Placement packages

You can choose between placement packages and app/site packages.

How it works

  1. Tools -> packages -> select package type -> placement Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 14.01.49.png
  2. Upload a list of placement IDs you want to have in the package
    • Placement ID is a numeric value. all other values will be filtered
  3. Choose which user(-s) the package should belong to
  4. Go to your campaign
  5. Choose the packageScreenshot 2023-06-29 at 15.46.14.png
  6. Decide if you want the package included or excluded
Some use cases:
  • You have good placements on one campaign that you want to specifically reuse on other campaigns
  • You only want to start your campaign on a specific list of packages, and optimise from there
  • External trackers give you placements that deliver on required metrics - you can now start campaigns on those placements directly

Other package functionality is not supported