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Eskimi DMP & Data Legality, Validity & Security - Business


Eskimi DMP

Eskimi Data Management Platform is an in-house DMP which doesn't use any third party technologies. Eskimi DMP is used by only Eskimi DSP to foster personalized advertising for Eskimi advertisers. Eskimi works with industry leading partners, such as Doubleclick, Magnite, OpenX and others. Eskimi DMP is bounced to the data that is provided by the partners that Eskimi DSP is connected to. 

Eskimi DMP Data

Eskimi DMP collects, agregates the data in real-time. In-house algorithms not only crunches the data in real-time, but follows the necessary privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA. Eskimi DMP collects, agregates, stores the below data signals received from the bid requests:

Technical name


Technical example


User identifier.
Mobile advertising ID on apps, cookie ID on web



list of countries DmpID was seen in



Last seen time DmpID was seen in country



List of cities DmpID was seen in, based on GPS data



Last seen time DmpID was seen in a city



list of cities DmpID was seen in, based on all other data (IP, user input, etc)



Last seen time DmpID was seen in TmpCity



Years of birth. Can be multiple depending on user input



Genders. Can be multiple depending on user input



Total number of page views



Shows how many page views per day each operator ID has



Telco operator IDs



Last seen time for operator



First seen time for operator



Device model



Last time device model was seen with DmpID



what device was used with specific operator



When was the last time device was seen



Verticals or interest categories, e.g.



last seen time for keyword



How users connected to internet. 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi, etc



last seen time per connection type



Legacy. Original Device ID of the user. matches DmpID.



Internal site ID where user was browsing. Might be converted to exact app bundle or site domain



When was the last time user visited a specific site.



First time DmpID was seen



last time DmpID was seen



number of page views per day


The data in the table is used for clear purpose:
  • Analytical tools, such as Telcodash.
  • Targeting, that are needed to executed personalized advertising.
Eskimi DMP Collection Schema

Eskimi DMP collect the data in real-time as the bid request is received by Eskimi DSP. The following flow is:

1. A user visits a website page that has an implemented SSP JavaScript tag OR visits an app that has an implemented SSP SDK. These JS tags and SDKs has ad slots that collects user information which includes, but it is not limited to User agent, geo location, IP and etc. 

2. JS/SDK sends the information to the SSP. SSP identifies the user by using cookies and/or more data (ex.: Mobile Advertising ID).

3. SSP adds users data (UA, interests and etc.) with the ad slot data (width: 300, height: 250, bidfloor 1.337). From this information SSP creates a bid request. 

4. The bid request is sent to different DSPs that compete for the bid request in an openRTB auction that happens in miliseconds everytime the browser is loaded/refreshed. The goal of any DSP is to win the auction and serve their advertiser ad. 

5. Eskimi DSP sends eligable bid requests (if they are not bounded by GDPR, CCPA) to Eskimi DMP. Where DMP profiles (DMPLogs) are created from the bid request information, if the user is seen for the first time. If the user was seen in the past the bid request will be added to the historical data that Eskimi DMP has collected. 

Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 17.05.12.png



Legal, Valid & Secure Data

Aktyvus sektorius UAB, doing business as Eskimi, as a global provider of digital advertising media and data management technology. In our activities, Eskimi is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and their personal information. While, ensuring any personal information is safe and used strictly in accordance with the applicable laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, and other applicable guidelines.

1. How you can justify that your data is legal?

Eskimi strictly adhere to the relevant EU users' consent regulations and policies (GDPR) and is a member of TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework). TCF membership ensures that Eskimi comply with the EU’s GDPR and ePrivacy Directive when processing personal data or accessing and/or storing information on a user’s device, such as cookies, advertising identifiers, device identifiers, and other tracking technologies.

Full TCF vendor list: Search for UAB Aktyvus Sektorius.

More about TCF:

More about Eskimi Privacy Policy:

2. How can you justify that your data is valid?

The types of pseudonymous personal information used via the Platform are cookie IDs, Mobile Advertising Identifiers, and IPs.

Mobile Advertising Identifier (MAID, commonly known as Device ID) is a pseudonymous, user-resettable identifier for online advertising purposes. The identifier is created by the operating system (iOS or Android) and can be retrieved by installed apps.

IP address is a very approximate location of the technical device, used to communicate where internet requests and responses are coming from and where should they go to next.

Eskimi receives the above described personal data from clients (advertisers and publishers), partners (publisher ad exchanges, such as google, or agencies/advertiser groups). All involved party partnerships are covered contractually. Every partner Eskimi works with ensures the legality of the data that is sent to Eskimi - including ways in which data is gathered and
processed. Examples of processes are:
* Transaction validation. Every impression that comes between Eskimi and publisher platforms or publisher partners is technically validated with a follow-up call to the partner
* Regular audits. Data structures and legality of the data is regularly audited by the biggest Eskimi partners
* Internal TOMs (please see below) 

3. What is the purpose of data collection? 

The data is collected and used for clear purpose for which the user agrees upon. 

We use the data only when the user consented to the below sections:
1: identification
3: create personalised ads profile
4: Select personalised ads

While when the user gives legitimate interest the purpose of data usage becomes more flexible. With it Eskimi can:
2: Select basic ads
7: measure ad performance
10: develop and improve products

4. How can you justify that your data is secure?

Here are the TOMs in place to make sure the data is secure:



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