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Different Device Targeting Opportunities

With the rapid growth of 'digital media time' spent on mobile, it is now extremely important to make sure that the ads reach the right people at the right time. The majority of ad budgets are now spent on carefully targeted rather than wide-reaching campaigns intended for anyone. Device detection is an essential ingredient to make this possible. Eskimi offers advertisers rich device type targeting capabilities. This article will go through all of the device types.


To use device type targeting advertisers should navigate themselves to Campaign Setup. Move to Platform, Telco & Device section. Device type targeting will be as a third selection. By selecting the device type advertisers will target only the particular device type. By deselecting a device type advertisers will exclude the device type from the targeting. 

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Different Device Types

External TV Device (Connected Device)

Smart TV (Connected TV)

Reach users on their Connected TV (CTV) devices and increase your brand impact by synchronizing campaigns across devices in the household. Connected TV specifically refers to televisions that have access to an internet connection and can load or stream digital content. At Eskimi Connected TV targeting refers to Smart TVs (where internet connection is built-in) and can also include standard TVs that are connected to the internet via smart devices. Smart devices include gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation, dongles like Roku or Chromecast and internet-capable DVD players.

Creatives: Connected TV supports only VAST video ads.

Targeting: While for Connected TV it is not possible to use any DMP targeting,  but DSP's targeting such as OS, Browser, Operator can be used with Connected TV targeting. 

Feature Phones

A feature phone is a type or class of mobile phone that retains the form factor of earlier generations of mobile telephones, with press-button based inputs and a small non-touch display. phone ads remain a popular marketing channel for businesses to tap due to the sheer size of the user base in emerging markets despite the current popularity of higher-end smartphone devices, market observers say.

Creatives: At Eskimi Features phones are compatible with banner ads

Targeting: DSP targeting can be used for when targeting feature phones.  

Personal Computers

The definition of a personal computer is a small computer with a microprocessor, designed for use by an individual. An example of personal computers are desktop computers used in homes, schools and small businesses. Today, the terms PC, desktop, laptop and just plain "computer" are synonymous with personal computer.

Creatives: Advertisers can use different creative formats such as banner, video, native and others.

Targeting: DSP and DMP targeting can be applied to some extent. 

Game Console (Set-top box)

Game Console - Indicates if the device is primarily a game console, such as an Xbox or Playstation.

Creatives: Both Display and Video ads can be served on console devices.

Targeting: Console is compatible with DSP targeting.

Smartphone Targeting

Smartphone targeting Indicates all mobile devices, smartphones with the modern operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.). Smartphone targeting involves addressing certain target groups on mobile devices. The ads are based on user-oriented criteria and are adapted to the technical requirements of smartphones and tablets. Smartphone targeting will include both mobile web and mobile app platforms.

Creatives: Smartphone targeting is compatible with different creative types - banner, video, HTML, native and others. 

Targeting: DSP and DMP targeting can be used to narrow down smartphone audience. 


A tablet is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touchscreen interface. The tablet form factor is typically smaller than a notebook computer, but larger than a smartphone.

Creatives: Banner, video, IBV, HTML, native ads can be served on a table device.

Targeting: Tablet device targeting is compatible with various DSP and DMP targeting.

To Sum Up

Understanding the device preference of your target customers is hence important. However, we actually keep coming back to the realisation that understanding your user groups is extremely crucial. Therefore, always thing where your core audience can be reached.


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