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Telco Taxonomy Usage Guidalines

Telco taxonomy provides information about the amount of data Eskimi DMP has under different segments. It indicates the amount that can be exported based on client needs. 

Market Challenges

Telco taxonomy is a great product for clients that are looking for a solution where they will be able to target niche Eskimi audiences on 3rd party platforms. 

Reach Custom User Segments in any digital platform. Telcos want to have the ability to target custom segments on any digital platform. However, not all of them offer comprehensive targeting that telecoms need. 

See full user consumption. Telecoms need to build segments and understand user full consumption across all telecoms under one deviceID. 

Specialised telecom data. For telecoms, there’s a need for actionable data to optimise the customer experience. Telecoms want to use segments that are based on real user consumption of telecommunication services.

Use Cases

Current customers. Target current customers by their consumption on all media platforms (Eskimi, Facebook, etc.).

Retain lost consumers. Target lost customers that migrated to other telecoms.

Competition. Target users that are using competitor’s products and/or about to churn. 

ISP. Upsell your ISP services for mobile consumers.

Improve SMS/USSD communication. Improve retention and ARPU growth-focused communication.

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