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Introduction to Eskimi DSP


Eskimi DSP is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to buy inventory through ad exchanges in real-time. Using this platform, you can set up and launch your campaign by yourself which will save time and costs. Moreover, this platform helps to advertise and reach your wanted audience much easier by providing a variety of relevant information such as what are your target audience is interested in, what devices are they using, where do they use it, and so on.

Furthermore, Eskimi DSP is combined with a data management platform (DMP) where the customer and online advertising data is stored and managed. For example, DMP has a data dashboard that visually tracks, analyses, and displays your campaign metrics in real-time. On the Eskimi DSP dashboard, you can see impressions, CPM, Win rate, Clicks, CPC, CTR, best and worst-performing ads, Platforms, Operating Systems, and Delivery Map by Hour.

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