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Introduction to Successful Performance Campaigns

It is hard to deny that performance campaigns are difficult to carry out, but they are the endpoint of all digital advertising. In the end, every client - no matter what his/her area of business is – will want to get conversions. Since the conversion flow is much more complicated than general brand awareness or traffic campaigns, we would like to share a few key steps before heading towards performance campaigns on Eskimi DSP. These guidelines should help you make your campaigns more efficient as the key takeaways are solely based on our previous campaign experiences:


Creative requirements

When analyzing previous performance campaigns, we have noticed that Native ads are delivering 3 times higher conversion rate compared to display ads. Therefore, if you want to have a successful conversion campaign, you should start with Native ads. Additionally, we recommend having at least 2 communication lines for Native ads. This way the user won’t be bombed with the same creative.

From display ads it is necessary to include creative dimensions - 300x250, 320x50, 320x100, 320x480, 300x600, 160x600, 728x90, 336x280. However, these suggestions do not guarantee successful conversions and should be taken as recommendations. Therefore we would still advise A/B test creative types, as for every business and market different creatives tend to perform better.


Communication message

We have noticed that it is difficult to deliver a good CPA without clear communication. In other words, the offering is very important. Ads have to clearly inform a user why they should convert. Our tests showed that ads with a clear offer showed 4 times higher conversion rate compared to ads without any offer.

We strongly advise having different language ads if you are working in multilingual markets. In this case, you will reach a wider audience.

Also, it is necessary to add a clear Call-To-Action that will inform what the user has to do after clicking the ad. Register Now, Sign Up works well when generating leads.


Additional Platforms

As we have mentioned performance campaigns are much more complex than other objective campaigns. One source may not generate enough results. In this case, we offer to add more than one channel for your conversion campaigns. As Eskimi DSP offers the possibility to launch 2 major digital players – Google Ads and Facebook - it becomes much easier to scale your performance. Enabling several channels will let you optimize your campaigns with higher accuracy under one umbrella.

You can test direct leads form on Facebook and/or LinkedIn to increase your conversion rate since both of these channels generate a 2-to-5 times higher conversion rate depending on the complexity of the form compared to click-to-website conversion.

You should keep in mind that each platform is unique and should be adapted to the business. Meaning, that LinkedIn which is solely profession-based platform may not work for food-based clients.


Technical Reuquirements

Eskimi DSP holds few technical requirements when working with conversion campaigns. We require to have a unique landing page. This helps us to efficiently track conversions on the dashboard. It is mandatory to implement tracking and conversion pixels.

We have noticed that the most efficient campaigns were those who had a minimum of 5000$ budget and ran at least for a month.

If you are a new player in the market, we advise starting with brand awareness and click-to-website campaigns. Then your digital advertising will generate a buzz in the market and will give the users a chance to learn about your brand.



No performance campaign is good if it is not monitored. Therefore, we advise to track campaign performance on another 3rd party platform, such as Google Analytics, and share performance stats with your Ad-ops team. This way Ad-ops will have a better understanding of how the campaign is performing and will optimize it accordingly.

If you are still trying to understand which audience converts the most - try to segment the targeted audience so that you’d be able to see which audience pool is driving the best results.

Also, a more advanced lead flow has to be discussed beforehand. Then we will be able to give you the best solution for your planned goal.

To wrap it up - a lot of things come down to testing as each brand and market are unique. Thus, we advise to not fall over fast conversion trends. As in most cases, it would only bring a lousy performance that wouldn’t bring any benefit to your return on investment. If you have any inquiries or doubts feel free to contact us for a discussion as we believe we can find a relevant digital solution for each brand.

// BotSonic