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Rewarded Video

What is rewarded video?

A rewarded video is an option to watch a video in order to receive a reward from the publisher (i.e. wifi access, additional lives in a game, etc.). The majority of the time rewarded videos appear as interstitial in apps. The user still has the power of choice so they can opt-out to not watch the video. Videos are always with sound. Rewarded video is usually skippable.

Why rewarded video?

Rewarded videos are important during current times when the majority of users are at home and playing games on their smartphones. This is clear from the current market trends - game app owners experienced particularly high Y/Y growth in Q3 2020, on average the growth reached 50% (Adcolony, 2020)

Eskimi DSP has the opportunity to allow brands to serve their ads only on rewarded video inventory which is great for:

User Engagement

Rewarded video ads are initiated by the viewer inside a mobile app, meaning that they don’t intrude with the user’s overall experience until they are ready to receive their reward. Less intrusion often benefits the advertiser in the long run, as users tend to trust those that respect their time in an app and thereby engage at a higher level.

62% of players regularly chose to voluntarily engage with rewarded video apps.

Better Brand Message Communication

Due to a higher completion rate of the video brand message can be communicated easily and effectively. Therefore, resulting in better brand communication.

54% of players specify that rewarded video ads are their in-game video ad of choice.

User Retention

As rewarded videos are served on ads for brands it is easy to retarget previous customers based on device IDs that they have in their CRM. Therefore, lost customers would have a sense of nurture and care from the previously used brand.

62% of developers saw user retention maintain or increase upon the introduction of rewarded video ads.

Rewarded video features

Creative options & requirements

File Type - mp4

Video resolution - 320x480, 480x320

Video length - recommended length is up to 30 seconds.

Rewarded Video Indicators
  • Interstitial
  • Gaming apps
  • High VCR (video completion rate)
  • Most often the sound is muted
  • Rewarded video can be skipped, therefore VCR of 100% can not be guaranteed 
  • User has an option to close the video ad and bounce

Setup & optimization

Rewarded video campaign setup is a standard video campaign launch. The traffic for the campaign can be received via Eskimi DSP (OpenRTB) or PMP (private marketplace). Both options are discussed in more details below. 

Eskimi DSP (OpenRTB)

Eskimi DSP can offer clients a lot of opportunities when it comes to unique traffic targeting. The first option to start buying rewarded video ads is to choose rewarded video targeting in the approval page. This targeting will search for rewarded video signal in the bid stream and buy only bids that have this signal. 

Untitled design-7.png

Potential performance in the tested markets: 

Rewarded Video Targeting CTR VTR VCR
ZM (Zambia) 3.03% 90.72% 78.95%
UA (Ukraine) 2.60% 90.96% 71.95%
UG (Uganda) 2.06% 91.26% 79.97%
TZ (Tanzania) 4.43% 87.45% 61.03%
LK (Sri Lanka) 13.55% 93.37% 78.20%
ZA (South Africa) 1.37% 79.59% 42.75%
SA (Saudi Arabia) 1.75% 82.58% 52.83%
PK (Pakistan) 5.65% 76.66% 36.18%
NG (Nigeria) 1.47% 89.25% 73.85%
MM (Myanmar) 12.13% 89.81% 65.86%
KE (Kenya) 1.51% 86.81% 68.42%
KZ (Kazakhstan) 2.87% 86.10% 46.94%
ID (Indonesia) 1.37% 66.41% 69.01%
GH (Ghana) 1.99% 91.67% 86.40%
GE (Georgia) 2.16% 91.82% 75.20%
HR (Croatia) 0.77% 82.54% 41.45%
CM (Cameroon) 9.02% 86.50% 73.33%
BY (Belarus) 1.51% 79.38% 42.49%
BD (Bangladesh) 2.42% 78.54% 44.33%
AZ (Azerbaijan) 6.31% 94.51% 81.54%

OpenRTB Limitations

Possible fraud - apps can indicate that they have rewarded video traffic, but in practice they won't. 

Premium publishers - DSP can deliver low CPMs and CPV, but for the premium apps it is necessary to pay higher price. 

PMPs (Private marketplaces)

Another option to run rewarded video is through PMPs. Adops can book a private marketplace deal through Loopme exchange. The exchange will setup a PMP in a relevant market. 

Potential performance in available and tested markets: 

ZA (South Africa) 8.85% 94.67% 89.60%
MM (Myanmar) 17.37% 96.34% 89.90%
KZ (Kazakhstan) 1.32% 96.62% 93.88%
BD (Bangladesh) 2.49% 97.19% 94.90%
ID (Indonesia) 14.74% 96.72% 92.97%

Keep in mind, that advertisers aren't limited to only get a PMP from Loopme. Eskimi provides over 50+ exchanges for whom the PMP request can be sent. However, Loopme delivered the best results when it comes to price and effectives.

Additionally, when it comes to publishers, through Loopme ads will be served on these apps:

Supported markets and available inventory

Loopme exchange has limited amount of rewarded video traffic in some markets. Therefore, it is necessary to first check with the exchange if they have enough traffic for the planned scale.

Rewarded video (monthly)
Africa 503 046 000
GH 1 230 000
NG 3 426 000
SN 1 320 000
TZ 43 470 000
ZA 453 600 000
Asia 2 412 495 000
BD 335 160 000
ID 1 154 721 000
IN 500 457 000
MM 48 990 000
VN 373 167 000
CIS 1 073 583 000
BY 2 610 000
GE 1 080 000
KZ 121 257 000
RU 76 278 000
UA 872 358 000
Europe 100 605 000
RO 95 685 000
RS 4 920 000
LATEM 965 208 000
AR 730 764 000
PE 234 444 000
MENA 1 405 755 000
AE 393 687 000
EG 179 280 000
SA 832 788 000
Grand Total 6 460 692 000

Monthly ad impressions for top 100 geo: 

PMP Limitations

Price: Through PMPs CPM price will be higher than through DSP.

Traffic limitation: Exchange may not have enough traffic in a particular market.

Communication: Adops need to request the exchange to setup a rewarded video PMP. Where the communication and the setup will take time.