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API Overview

DSP API provides range of dsp dashboard related solutions to dsp clients of the online sphere. This allowes dsp clients to avail dashboard services through API without needing to use DSP dashboard platform.

Available services

Campaign creation and related services needed to create campaign.

Audience creation and related services needed to create audience

Creative creation and related services needed to create campaign.

Different report fetching for corresponding campaign.

Auth access token management overview

DSP API auth access tokens are credentials to access DSP APIs. These tokens inform the API that the bearer of the token has been permitted to access the API and perform different actions according to the allowed scope.

Auth access token management flow

Access token creation activities are initiated by the client system. The following flow describes the token life cycle -

Auth access Token Management Steps

  • Before accessing any DSP APIs, call the Get Access Token API to get authorization token.
  • Use this token value in the "Authorization" header for accessing future API calls.
  • Before the end of the current token lifetime Get Access Token API again to get a new token against your existing token. You will have to use the new token for subsequent other API calls.
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