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Floating Ad Through DSP

A floating ad (also called layer ad or overlay ad) is a special type of ad that flows/slides into the main page using animation. You can set the ad position on the main page. The user can click on a Close button to make it disappear.

Problems that are being solved

Floating button can definitely bring a lot of value to the client. There are few problems that floating button tackles: 

Viewability on sites: Floating ad by its nature can only be served on sites. Most of the time sites deliver maximum of 40%-50% viewability. While the average viewability of floating button seeks over 78%. In some markets viewability can reach up to 95%. With a higher viewability on site, naturally brands and agencies can expect better visibility. So for FMCG, Auto brands where viewability is key this is a great solution when it comes to better brand awareness, viewability, ad recall. 

User interaction: As floating button is a unique and innovative solution users tend to show interest. On average CTR for floating button seeks around 1.62%, while in some markets it reached over 5%. Most of the time it is hard to get high CTR combined with sites. Floating button enables opportunity for various business to not only advertise on local sites, but to get a good CTR. 

Brand recall/brand awareness through custom ads: Flaoting button doesn't have limits when it comes to creative development. Ads can be customised for a particular brand

Making floating ad more customised to your brand or goal will help the brand reach better brand awareness and brand recall.


Standard Cube

For a simple floating banner, the solution client needs to share 150x125 .jpg, .gif image, or up to 4 different images.

Custom Floating

Clients should share a .PSD file with the Eskimi team. While clearly indicating the flow - what should the banner do.


Technological Part

Eskimi DSP developed a technology where it is possible to target top frame which will allow targeting placements that are not limited to frame (iframe, safe frame, etc). Through this targeting, the floating button can be properly served even on open RTB. In simple terms, the system is looking for a topframe=1 signal in the bid. It will be on the bid that has this signal. Top frame targeting is enabled by adops.

Untitled design-13.png

Additionally, we do not need to open any traffic. As the buying is happening through Open RTB.


The floating button cannot run on apps.

The floating button can run both on desktop and mobile web.

With the limited amount of exchanges that allow floating ad, sites where ads will be served will be limited as well. So we strongly recommend to not use whitelists/blacklists or create them based on floating ad testings. Due to limited traffic it is necessary to accurately plan and discuss possible limitations with other team members. 

Possible Results

Country Viewability CTR
Zambia 88.84% 2.00%
South Africa 76.71% 1.50%
Ukraine 65.30% 1.00%
Tanzania 62.03% 0.80%
Nigeria 79.69% 0.80%
Sri Lanka 78.07% 1.00%
Kazakhstan 92.39% 1.50%
Kenya 86.01% 2.00%
Indonesia 94.84% 1.50%
Croatia 95.18% 0.78%
Ghana 77.48% 0.86%
Georgia 81.18% 2.00%
Belarus 84.72% 3.00%
Bangladesh 77.73% 0.80%
Total: 78.68% 1.12%

Viewability Tracking Limitations

  1. User has to see the ad for least 1 second, so during the time user can change the page.
  2. We have validation for viewability.
  3. Other ads can hide the button.
  4. Safeframe placements also hurts viewability. With SafeFrame ad code and tracking scripts are loaded, impression is bought, but SafeFrame prevents it from being showed. So the user, as it protects the frame
  5. Local issues with users browser ( JS cache, browser/device lag )
  6. Slow internet, can cause a dip in viewability ( scripts loading too long )

Advertising Policies

Alcohol Betting
Allowed Through OpenRTB if the country regulation permits it Allowed Through OpenRTB if the country regulation permits it

Exchange Policies

As floating ad goes out of the usual ad frame it is necessary to understand what is the sensitivity of the primary exchanges towards the ad. Here are the ways how floating ad can be executed on different exchanges.

Magnite Admixer Doubleclick Triplelift ADP Partners Setupads OpenX Pubmatic
 OpenRTB Not allowed. Has a global safeframe solution. Not possible through PMPs OpenRTB OpenRTB -Only static. Floatings that explode cannot be used. Not yet defined Not allowed. Only with agreed publishers OpenRTB

Publisher Lists

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to check site list before the campaign. Therefore, to get a site list before the campaign it is necessary to run a test campaign so publisher list would be received.
From the current tests that were done here are the publisher lists based on different countries. Keep in mind that they may change with the bigger campaign budget and different campaign strategy:

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