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Native video

What is native?

Native advertising involves using paid advertisements that are in line with the look, feel, and purpose of the format in which they’re served. You’ll often find these advertisements in social network feeds, or as suggested content on a website.

Unlike display or banner ads, native ads do not really look like advertisements. They seem to be a part of the website’s editorial flow. The biggest benefit of these ads is that they are non-disruptive. So they expose the viewer to marketing material without popping out.

Why native?


Customers view native advertisements 53% more than display advertisements. These ads increase buying intent by 18%.


The visual engagement with native advertisements is similar, at times even better than the actual editorial content.

Less disruptive

As native ads are placed within content, they’re incorporated better. They are less obvious and, consequently, less disrupting. They don’t alter user experience much.

Beats ad fatigue

Ad fatigue occurs when the users get tired of seeing advertisements and start ignoring them. Native advertisements offer brand publicity masked in editorial content, so they do not exhaust the users.


Icon - 128x128px (app/product icon)
Poster image - 1200x627 px ( Upload an image file to be displayed while the video loads)
Title - product or service, 25 symbols*
Description - advertising text, 90 symbols*
CTA - described call-to-action for the destination, 15 symbols*
Advertiser - name of the advertiser, 25 symbols*Title - product or service, 25 symbols*
Video format - MP4 or remote URL
Video dimensions - 1280x720 (16:9)
Weight - above up to 3.2 MB
Video duration - 10-25 seconds

  • including the spaces between letters


Viewability of native ads is not tracked and reported.



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