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Screen Takeover

Screen Takeover is an HTML ad solution that expands and takes up the full screen of user mobile. The screen takeover happens only with user initiation. User has to click the ad to initiate expansion. 



Live video execution:

How Screen Takeover should be executed?

Screen Takeover should be executed only on mobile. Additionally, it can properly run only with top-frame targeting which is found in the approval page. 

Untitled design-10.png

While, Screen Takeover is eligible on both SSP (Floating ad exchange) and DSP

Screen Takeover SSP Campaign 

Creative: Dimension 1x1, Check "Tag is floating ad"
Exchange: Eskimi takeover, Took ID from the SSP team and crosscheck with your one.
Campaign Setup: Normal setup, No optimization and no Auto Optimization.
CPM Rate: Crosscheck the buying price with the SSP team. Don't trust the media plan.
Approval Page:
                          Advertisement category: Uncategorized, Uncategorized
                          App/Site Category: No need to select any
                          Brand Safety: No need to select any
                          Check "Enable topframe targeting"
                          Budget Pacing "None"
                          Check Allow multiple bids per user per second
                          Margin needs to be calculate wisely


Screen Takeover CPM prices cannot be compared with floating ad as the solution is different. Not all publishers allow full screen takeover this is why CPM will be higher. 

Publisher list will be limited due to top-frame targeting. So it is necessary to test before execution. It is essential to not plan any whitelist targeting without initial tests. 

Not all exchanges allow top frame targeting so traffic will be limited due to targeting specifics. Alcohol and betting ads will be eligible based on possible exchanges in the market. 

When it comes to performance metrics Screen Takeover doesn't result in high CTR or low CPC. So it is purely brand awareness solution

// BotSonic