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How to start?

1. On-boarding

To create a company/organisation profile on the Eskimi system, the info below is required:
- Company name
- Company address
- Company registration code
- Finance person name and contact details

This information is used for issuing Insertions Orders (IO) and Invoices.

2. Access to the account

The account on Eskimi DSP is created by the Eskimi team. You need to provide the information below:
- Company name
- Select one of the account options: []Agency or []Brand
- Company country
- Currency: []USD or []EUR (Naira available only in Nigeria)
- email address to access the account

3. Planning campaign

It’s advisable to involve the Eskimi team in the campaign planning process so that to receive targeting, creatives, and data planning recommendations for the most effective execution.
What info do you need to provide? - Brief questions are here: Brief questions for planning your campaign

4. Launching campaign

Make sure that you have everything for the campaign launch:
- campaign name
- campaign objective: awareness/ traffic/ conversions
- start and end dates
- budget
- creatives
- landing page URL (or alternatively USSD code, phone number or SMS number and body text)


- Standard banners or .gifs
They’re provided by the client in the required dimensions and size (max 150kb). More information : What are the most popular ad banner formats? For mobile and desktop.

- Native ads.
Requirements for them are here: Uploading Native ads and their requirements

- 3D rotating cube ad
Required 3 images of 300x250 dimensions.
It may take 1 working day for development.

- Scratch to reveal ad
Required: 2 images in 2 dimensions: 300x250 and 320x480; one - front-image and the other - back-image.
It may take 1-2 working days for development.

- Dynamic banners and other interactive banners
Solutions are usually custom and are planned individually.
Depending on the complexity of the solution the development may cost additionally.
Development may take 3-6 working days.
Richmedia (HTML5, .JS) creative requirements

Campaign type:

- Click-to-ussd
USSD code (e.g.*999*1#).

- Click-to-SMS
International phone number of short code (e.g.+123456789).
SMS text (e.g. start now).

- Click-to-call
International phone number of short code (e.g.+123456789).

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