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Header (Sticky Ads)

A sticky ad is an ad unit which stays visible on the page while the user scrolls through the content of your page. Sticky ads are a non-intrusive format that can be very effective to increase CTR and your Active View metrics.

Header sticky ads are present at the top of the webpage. They generally spread from one end to the other end of the screen in a landscape manner.


Header sticky ads mostly consists of these ad sizes. Indicating that creative size will be rather small. Therefore, it is essential to fit the information to the banner so it would be well visible.  

Creative Size Impressions
320x50 84,912,419
300x250 15,330,892
728x90 14,716,507
300x50 11,764,899
320x100 1,338,140

Additionally, almost 70% of all Header sticky ad traffic comes from apps. 

Types Impressions
App 90,242,763
Site 39,314,299

While, when it comes to countries these are the leading markets with the most traffic for header sticky ad.

Country Impressions
Indonesia 37,644,822
South Africa 13,594,676
Brazil 10,513,735
United Arab Emirates 6,005,646
Jamaica 5,393,127
Thailand 4,456,940
United States 4,422,286
Malaysia 3,764,192
Russian Federation 3,491,415
Nigeria 3,487,674
Georgia 3,409,117
Canada 2,923,852
Kenya 2,452,110
Australia 2,221,265
Armenia 1,664,195
Ghana 1,517,050
Romania 1,401,335
Bangladesh 1,376,131
Vietnam 1,030,511
Sri Lanka 953,642
Global 129,557,062

Without any optimization results for Header sticky ads might be:

Country Viewability CTR
Nigeria 62.01% 0.16%
Kazakhstan 74.07% 0.49%
Kenya 59.02% 0.26%
Indonesia 83.05% 2.27%
Bangladesh 88.93% 4.19%
Total: 75.02% 1.83%

Where the split between apps and sites was rather similar. 

Apps Sites
58.68% 41.32%
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