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Supported Ad Exchanges : Value Proposition (update needed)

Exchange Name

Unique Advertising Solutions

Unique Exchange Solution

Ad Colony (BS)

Offers Instant-Play™ and Aurora™ HD video technologies.

Reaches more than 2 billion unique devices and has a market-leading SDK footprint in the top 1 000 apps.

AdForm (BS)

Has a real-time creative management self-service platform, which helps to create and modify your creative assets for maximum impact and relevancy.

Adform offers Adform FLOW. Adform FLOW is an independent and integrated enterprise technology built for modern marketing. Amplified by next-generation augmented intelligence, it has been created to realize three key principles: operating simplicity, seamless and full identity management, and to give control back to marketers.

Admatic (BS)


Mainly focuses in Turkey market.

AdMedia (BS)

Offers Search targeting option.

Admixer (BS)

Offers Push (Short-form notifications that appear on users computer or mobile phone) ad format.

Global premium inventory - 100+ TOP SSPs;


Formats are new, interesting and non-intrusive, creating genuine interest in the audience.

Places display ads in the game environment making them non-intrusive.

Adthink (BS)

Off site web push notification and The Buble alert advertising formats.

Offers affiliate marketing as one of the solutions. Affiliate marketing is the ultimate pay-for-performance model, where our Clients can guarantee their return on investment by paying only for results.

Adyoulike (BS)

Supports all formats of native (display; video; stories; social).

Specializes in Native advertising.


AlgoriX supports all IAB & MMA-compliant ad formats and ad units.

Focuses on mobile advertising.

Automattic & Tumblr (WordPress) (BS)



Beachfront (BS)

Pot bidding solutions for Connected TV adverising.The solution allows publishers programmatically sell an entire ad pod while pricing each ad differently and guaranteeing positions within the pod.

Specializes in Video advertising.

Chocolate (BS)

Server-side bidding auction.

Specializes in Video advertising.

ConnectAd (BS)


Header-Bidding. ConnectAd supports the integration of our platform into Header-Bidding.



Prioritized access and unified reach across partners. As an Authorized Buyer, you continue to have access to inventory from Google partners across Google Ad Manager, AdMob and AdSense.

Fyber Marketplace

Offers MREC banner option; The MREC ad is a highly prominent ad unit that typically sees higher than average click through rates. The MREC is normally located above the fold on the right side of the page.

One of the top performers in display advertising.


Dynamic cross-screen campaigns, helps to reach more than 400+ million unique users across the region.

Focuses on South East Asia markets.




GumGum (BS)

Verity™ is a new type of contextual intelligence engine that uses computer vision and natural language processing to identify and score online content such as images, videos or text. It provides a privacy-proof and powerful alternative to other forms of targeting.

GumGum ranked most accurate Contextual Vendor in Dentsu research.

Improve Digital (BS)

360 Polaris is a revolutionary ad monetisation platform for video, web and mobile publishers.

360 API “Application Programming Interface” application to help advertisers to manage 360 Polaris from their own dashboard.

InMobi Exchange (BS)

Carousel Ads. Showcase your product features, present a collection of products or narrate your brand story with an intuitive, full-screen, dynamic carousel.

Focuses on in-app advertising.

LoopMe (BS)


Access to 45k leading pulishers and apps.


Specializes in native adverts.

MGID’s native advertising platform provides access to unique global audiences — always from premium, verified publishers, that are connected directly to our platform.


Focuses mainly on in-app advertising.

Offers Advanced Bidding which helps buyers to improve inventory access for real-time buyers.

myTarget (BS)

Unique TV-style premium ads from world recognizable brands.

96% of Russian internet users are Group's audience.


Open Audince allows marketers to plan and buy with ease and performance on on every screen across the open web.

OpenX is the largest independet exchange; direct relationships with 1,200+ publishers and 50K+ apps bring demand partners preferred access to direct sold inventory, placing you higher in the publishers’ ad tech stack. For greater audience reach, OpenX provides First-Look deals, Programmatic Direct buying and header bidding relationships.

Outbrain (BS)

Has a lot to offer for native advertising.

Outbrain helps brands and agencies connect with one-third of the world's consumers engaging with content on the open web.


Native 360° Ads; Interactive ads such as smile detection and face recognition.

POKKT is integrated with over 300 Top Games and App Developers in India, MENA and South East Asia.

Pubmatic (BS)

Media Buyer Console- " rethinks the way buyers are able to leverage private marketplaces".

Has created products such as Openwrap (Header bidding), Openwrap OTT.

PubNative (BS)


Focuses on mobile advertiing.

Pulsepoint (BS)

Offers health specific contextual targeting.

Built for digital health advertising.

Reforge (BS)


Leverage Asia’s top 1000 Apps with the power of trusted direct mediation and SDK partnerships globally.

Reklamstore (BS)

Affiliate advertising, reach not only the domestic but also the global resources with our affiliate network which has been on service with the mission of reaching its brands’ performance targets at the lowest costs.

Offers Header bidding.



Helps buyers achieve a better results: we work only with premium publishers and enforce strict traffic quality and brand safety controls. We’re also a leading publisher platform for private marketplaces (PMPs) and programmatic guaranteed (PG); with Rubicon Project, you can target one billion global consumers across all screens and formats;

SelectMedia (BS)

Has created Video Guard Technology (VGT). It is anti-fraud detection technology tightly integrated into selectmedia advertising stack.

Header bidding option.

Smaato (BS)


Supports in-app advertising. The global reach of our mobile advertising exchange gives you access to 1.35+ billion mobile users.

SmartAdServer (BS)

Rising star ad format.

Offers Smart Buyers Connect-the direct-first platform built to manage programmatic deals; it is a unique suite of tools to enable deal efficiency.

SpotX (BS)

Video ads only. Instream, out-stream and Interstitial ad units.

Header bidding option.

Taboola (BS)


Directly reach 1.4 billion people through Taboola’s exclusive and long term agreements with the world’s most premium digital properties.

Teads (BS)

TEADS STUDIO - Helping advertisers create beautiful, data-powered, interactive video and display ads that work across any device.

Teads distributes advertising to 1.5 billion people every month across the world’s best publishers.

Third Presence (BS)


ThirdPresence Contextual Intelligence allows advertisers to understand the underlying meaning of content and the environment in which their ads are served. As a result, they can connect with relevant audiences at scale and maximize protection – all within a privacy-friendly environment.

TripleLift (BS)

Offers - Computer vision technology which scans your ad to understand what elements are most essential to your campaign — like faces, objects and text areas, then generates a native placement that always keeps your important focal points in the frame. DYNAMIC TEMPLATING adapts advertisers’ creative components in real time, rendering native ads that seamlessly match the look and feel of every environment.


Unity (BS)

AR and VR ads.

Unity’s ad platform reaches 1.9 billion devices globally and serves more than 14 billion ad impressions per month;

UnrulyX (BS)

Social extension of display advertising.

Unruly enables advertisers to exceed performance and brand awareness goals in CTV, video and display campaigns by engaging global audiences in premium, brand safe environments.

Xandr (AppNexus) (BS)

Xandr has built proprietary technology solutions that transform TV and digital advertising, making it easier for advertisers to connect with their audiences.

Xandr’s advanced technology platform enables trusted, streamlined transactions across digital and TV advertising.

Yieldmo (BS)

Has to offer AEROS Attention Analytics. It is a tool which tracks micro-interactions - how consumers are interacting with an ad multiple times a second.

Yieldmo Marketplace is comprised of premium publishers, carefully curated to deliver ads that capture attention and drive brand success. We are the first-ever marketplace powered by AEROS Attention Analytics

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