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Eskimi Device ID for Multi-channel campaigns- Opportunities and Limitations

At Eskimi we can retarget the DSP campaign audiences in other platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads through Device ID. However, we collect device ID from Apps and cookie ID from Sites so for retargeting maximum users the campaign needs to run on only Apps.


We can upload the device IDs in Facebook as Custom Audience. Facebook will identify the device IDs as Mobile Advertiser IDs however changes to Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) on iOS 14 may affect the match rate when using Mobile Advertiser ID.

Custom Audience.png

Mobile Advertiser ID.png

Google Ads:

We cannot upload the device IDs directly in Google Ads as Mobile Device IDs because it requires providing more information about the app where the customer data comes from. This is done because the solution allows clients to retarget their app users on Search, Shopping and Youtube.

Google Ads.png

The only option for Google Ads is to upload the Device IDs through API integration since it doesn't require selecting a specific app from where we got Mobile Device IDs as it would require by uploading audience through the mobile device section.

For the API integration, there are requirements on the minimum budget, duration, etc. and the integration can be done with the help of our Product and Tech team. Also, it will take time to establish the integration therefore before planning any campaign, the essential details will need to share with all the responsible teams to start the process.