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Telco dashboard based on device IDs

Telcodash is an analytical tool that is based on impressions and DMP profiles. There are two kinds of DMP profiles. One part is based on cookies that are received from sites. While another part is based on device IDs that are received from apps. 

The part of DMP profiles that are based on device IDs are much stable as the user would need to change their mobile phone which happens at least in 2-3 year interval. Additionally, device ID is a universal user identifier so it will be the same across different platforms.  While 3rd party cookies are short-lived and they will depreciate by 2023. 

Eskimi knows how important for some of the clients to see telcodash only based on device IDs. As they have their own internal analytics based on device IDs. While, additionally device IDs can be compared with device amount in the market which helps to understand what part of the market Eskimi covers. 

With this view clients won't be able to see few widgets as they are based fully or partially on impressions. Widgets that won't be visible with device ID view:

  • Data market shares (all) .
  • ISP data market share .
  • Mobile data market share.
  • Mobile data vs. WIFI/DSL/Fiber by consumption.
  • Avg. page views by operators and comparison.
  • Data loss due to secondary SIM position.
  • User loyalty.
  • Users by network type.
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