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What are video ads formats and what do I see in report? (need update)


To run video ads, we suggest to use these dimensions:

300x250, 320x480


It's suggested to run video ads up to 30sec but video length is unlimited




Video size can be up to 5MB, companion banner - up to 50 kb

ADDITIONAL FILES (not necessary )

If youre launching a video campaign, you might add a Companion banner. One from most popular sizes 300x250px, 320x480px, 480x320px.

WHERE DOES VIDEO APPEAR                   Saharareporters.png


In the report you see impressions, clicks, CTR, reach, spend, and other general information. Additionally, you see how many users started watching the video, how many of them watched the first quartile (of the total video length), how many watched till midpoint, third quartile, and, finally, how many users completed the whole video. Also, you can see how many users watched the video muted/not muted and how many of them paused/resumed the video. You would also see split by browsers, OS, operators, age and gender, campaign performance by site/APP, by creatives, and others. 


Example of video campaign (length: 0.30 min., VTR: 23%, CPV achieved: $0.018)


Example of video campaign 2 (length: 1.16 min., VTR: 45%, CPV achieved: $0.004)


Example of video campaign 3 (length: 1.00 min., VTR: 6%, CPV achieved: $0.06)


Example of video campaign 4 (length: 15 sec., VTR: 82%, CPV achieved: $0.002)



As seen in the examples above, video campaign results may vary and CPV reached can start from $0.002 and go up to $0.06. We recommend to use videos not longer than 30 seconds, more important we recommend to pay more attention to the content of the video from the user perspective: don't try to put all the information in one video, rather try to make it more engaging, light, and in a popular format.

// BotSonic