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How to upload Video ads?

Step 1: Log in to your DSP account, go to Creative Sets, and on the new page click "Add creative set".



Step 2: On the next page indicate the creative sets Title and select the format. 


Step 3: Select the type of video  (VAST + IBV, VAST, IBV).


Step 4: Choose file to use as creative

Step 5: Select Viewability tracking method (VPAID - for websites inventory, OMID for in-app inventory) both can be selected.

Step 6: if needed - update "Skip after seconds" value.  For some exchanges this is a required value (i.e. DC), default is 5s.


Not necessary: Upload companion banners. Companion banner should be one from most popular sizes: 300x250px, 320x480px, or 480x320px.
Not necessary: Add description and Call to action text. Default CTA is "Lear more" and this is changed only in placements, which support that. It will describe a call to action button for the destination URL.

Step 7: Save your video ad.

// BotSonic