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s2s (Server to Server) Tracking

Eskimi pixels S2S Tracking (Server to Server)

Click code is an advanced tracking method.  This is a server-side tracking method that does not require any client cookie information. It works by passing back a eucid (encrypted user cookie id) value which is added to your landing page URL whenever the user...

Eskimi DSP Anti-fraud Settings

Brand safety

As an Eskimi DSP user, it's crucial to harness the power of anti-fraud settings to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of your campaigns. Here's a breakdown of each option available on the approval page and how they function technically: 1. Exclude New (No...

Adform creative tag implementation (updated)

3rd Party Tracking Troubleshooting and Trackers Configurat...

The following article presents the approach how adform tags should be implemented in Eskimi DSP. 1. Usually the tags which you will receive from client will be placed in excel file and looks similar to example below <script language="javascript" src="https:/...

How to check that Eskimi Pixel is Implemented: Monitoring extension for Google Chrome

Eskimi pixels Troubleshooting

You can find extension in the attached files to that article (top left corner) CHECK THIS VIDEO WHICH DESCRIBES THE WHOLE PROCESS OF EXTENSIONS IMPLEMENTATION AND USAGE Instructions: Go to this URL: chrome://extensions/ and turn on Developer Mode (top rig...

Multiple bids per user per second


Introduction There are some cases when our system may show multiple ads on the same page for the same user. Even if we use strict frequency cap and not using multiple bids. Example of such situation is presented on the screen below. This might happen because ...

IAS: Report Builder - Agency account

3rd Party Tracking

Introduction In this article it is described regarding auto-report set up from IAS (Integral Ad Sience) vereficator. Both reports are needed in case to be able to proceed with needed optimisation of campaign. Which is crucial for reaching good campaign KPIs a...

IAS: Campaign Tracking & Process Overview

3rd Party Tracking

Overview Integral Ad Science (IAS) is an American technology company that provides solutions for the verification of digital advertising. This article provides an overview on workflow and the roles of both agencies and the Eskimi platform in the provision and...

IAS: Video and Display Trackers & Glossary

3rd Party Tracking

Trackers for Video: IAS Solution Explanation Requirements Measure Viewability Measure Invisible URLs Measure Impressions  Measure Brand Safety Multimedia Tag Monitoring (Wrapped Video) Video tracking tag that will work across desktop, CTV, m...