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How to check that Eskimi Pixel is Implemented: Monitoring extension for Google Chrome

You can find extension in the attached files to that article (top left corner)



  1. Go to this URL: chrome://extensions/ and turn on Developer Mode (top right corner button)
  2. Unpack the ZIP, and in the Extensions Page, click on the “Load Unpacked” and select the folder where the extension zip was unpacked.
  3. Once that is done, the extension will be added to the browser.
  4. Open Chrome Dev tools ( Inspect Section ), and look for the “EskimiSE-GA” tab
  5. And browse ! Panel will automatically detect pixel events.

*CLEAR LOG* Button clears the log, so the list wouldn’t clutter. Alternatively you can close and reopen the “Inspect” panel

What does this browser extension do ?

  • It monitors if the base pixel is implemented and shows base pixel ID
  • It monitors if Eskimi session is being called and shows session ID
  • Monitors for conversion events, audience events, custom conversion events
  • Monitors GA and GA4 calls(sessions/events/etc)

Why & When to use?

  • Check when GA/GA4/Eskimi calls(sessions/events) are made (chronological order)
  • Check if Cookies consent “Approve/disapprove” impacts GA/Eskimi calls
  • Check which GA/GA4 account ID is used in website and check with report you got from client

Tips & Notes:

  • Use it only with one tab and do not load other pages in background. It might records all calls, from any tab.
  • For “chronological order” use new tab/session to track instead a refresh. When doing refresh, GA4 always fires first (prob to track pageview).
  • You can enable extension to work in Incognito. Go to Extentions and next to Eskimi there is “Details” and enable there “Allow in Incognito”.
  • Don't delete the extracted file from your computer once it will be installed to your browser, otherwise extension might not work anymore.
// BotSonic