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Eskimi DSP Anti-fraud Settings

As an Eskimi DSP user, it's crucial to harness the power of anti-fraud settings to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of your campaigns. Here's a breakdown of each option available on the approval page and how they function technically:

1. Exclude New (Non-DMP) Users

This setting is designed to filter out users who don't have a Data Management Platform (DMP) ID in the Eskimi system. By enabling this option, your campaign will prioritize users already present in our DMP, enhancing the targeting precision and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

2. Exclude Users with High Daily Apps/Sites Count

Eskimi DSP monitors bid requests for each user, and this setting kicks in when a user's daily Apps/Sites count surpasses a predefined threshold. By excluding users with unusually high activity, the system mitigates the risk of engaging with potentially fraudulent or non-genuine users.

3. Exclude Users with High Daily Page Views

Similar to the previous setting, Eskimi DSP evaluates the number of bid requests per user. If a user's daily page views exceed a specified limit, the system excludes them from winning bids. This helps maintain campaign quality and ensures engagement with authentic users.

4. Exclude Fake Clickers

To combat click fraud, Eskimi DSP employs a code implementation that distinguishes between genuine users and bots mimicking legitimate clicks. Users exhibiting suspicious clicking behavior are automatically disqualified from winning bids, safeguarding your campaign from fraudulent activities.

5. Exclude Domain Spoofers

This setting targets domains attempting to mimic popular websites with slight variations in variables or letters. By excluding these spoofed domains, such as instead of, Eskimi DSP fortifies your campaign against potential fraudulent traffic.

6. Exclude ads.txt Mismatching Apps/Sites

This anti-fraud measure ensures that bid requests are accepted only from apps/sites where the Exchange or SSP sending the bids is present in the ads.txt list. For instance, if a popular website like lacks Eskimi in its ads.txt list, enabling this option will reject bids originating from Eskimi SSP via, preventing potential fraud.

By leveraging these anti-fraud settings, Eskimi DSP empowers users to maintain campaign integrity, enhance targeting accuracy, and safeguard against various fraudulent activities in the digital advertising landscape.