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Lead In Banner

Leads-in-banner is a solution where leads form is embedded into the display ad which can be served both on the web and apps. Users can fill the leads form directly through the banner while their answers are collected into Eskimi database.


The client should share a .psd file, leads form that should be embedded into the creatives. Keep in mind that creative development should be billed as well with the advertising. The development should be discussed with the Rich Media team.

Leads-in-banner conversion tracking can be done through even tagging. Request development to add Filled event on a button which should indicate that the leads form is filled.

Media buying will still be done in CPM while currently CPA planning cannot be done due to the low amount of data. CPM price should be planned similar to HTML banner or slightly higher as not all exchanges will be selected.

Some answers can be placed as a button - to execute a survey. 


It is possible to run leads-in-banner on bellow exchanges. We have written confirmation from all of them.

Open RTB












Example of Data Based 

This is how leads are collected into our database. However, data can be transferred to clients' data based through API. The client must have an API.


Value Proposition

Reduce drop-offs: As users are not leaving their browsing environment they are more likely to fill the form rather than visit the website.

Conversions: Increase conversions that can be collected without the users to leave their browsing environment.

Mobile: Pre-populated forms means people can submit their contact information with ease, even on the small screen.

API integration: Data can be transferred to the clients' database through API. 


Brands: Offer leads in banner solutions that are oriented to leads - real-estate, banks and etc. 

Execution: Create unique, out of the box creative solutions that would be beneficial for upselling. 

Events: Use this solution to collect contacts during various events such as Valentine's day.

SSP + OpenRTB: Combine this solution with SSP for better visibility.

API documentation

Survey statistics API
Parameters (GET)
api_key (string) - api key provided by Eskimi. Example: 1234567890abcdef
survey (int) - survey ID provided by Eskimi. Example: 12345
type (int) - data type (required). Example: 2
  1 - general statistics
  2 - questions/answers list
  3 - questions/answers statistics
  4 - answers log
format (string) - data output format (optional, default csv). Example: json
  csv - csv
  csvdownload - csv file download
  json - json
  table - text table
  tablepre - text table (html preformatted)
P&G API details
api_client - pg
api_key - Gynu2M425v9pPYVwjtjq7U6ekTLZr4XP
Sample requests



// BotSonic