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Static Banners (standard display)

What is banner (standard display)?

Display ads attract the users of a site, social network, or other digital channels to perform a particular action. They are often composed of image, textual, or video ads that stimulate the customer to click on them and reach a landing page where they can take the desired action (such as buy your product).

Display ads also work well for retargeting campaigns, where advertisements are shown to viewers who’ve already viewed a particular site. The purpose is to “retarget” them and stimulate them to revisit the site to perform an action.


Banner size - maximum size of the banner is 150 kb

Format - .png, .jpg/.gif 

Most popular sizes

Mobile (dimensions in pixels)

320x480, 300x250, 300x600, 250x250, 200x200, 300x100, 468x60, 320x50, 300x50

Desktop (dimensions in pixels)

300x250, 728x90, 250x250, 300x600, 160x600, 120x600, 336x280, 970x90, 970x250

Uploading banner

Step 1: Log in to your DSP account, go to Creative Sets, and on the new page click "Add creative set".

Step 2: On the next page indicate the creative set's Title and select the "Banner" format. 

Uploading banner creatives

First, choose the type of your banner:

  • Upload banners - these are simple images that you can upload from your computer to DSP.
  • Remote banners - these are banners that you can upload from an outside server (eg.{timestamp} ) Remote banners must comply with ad exchange policies and technical requirements, and they're supposed to have a timestamp at the end of their address.
  • Javascript tag - these are HTML rich media format banners. Note that these ad servers must support https, comply with ad exchange policies, and technical requirements.    

After selecting the desired creative format, click "Continue". And you will be greeted with the upload screen. Indicate the Title of the creative, and select the file you want to upload. After that click "Save".


image-1611926408394.png          image-1611926430624.png

320x480                                                                               300x250

image-1611926443861.png          image-1611926519624.png

300x600                                                                         250x250

image-1611926542220.png          image-1611926561831.png

200x200                                               300x100



image-1611926578201.png     image-1611926613172.png

468x60                                                                                                                   320x50



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