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Interscroller banner

Interscroller – this banner will be inserted in the content (text) and will appear in the internal pages, not the home screens. It scrolls together with the screen scrolling as the natural part of the text.

Features and requirements:

  • Mobile is highly recommended. The banner is significantly less effective on the desktop.

  • Banner has 2 sizes:
    • Small 300x250. Supported and in usage at the moment.
    • Big 500x800. Gives the impression that the banner is a screen takeover type. Will be released later in 2020.

  • The banner image should be .png (preferable for the higher quality) or .jpg. And include text and CTA button on it.

  • The key message or CTA button should be provided in the middle of the banner – to be seen during the whole scroll. Please see the samples below:







// BotSonic