Attention Glossory

Impressions - Count of impressions detected by LAMP tag.

Measured Impressions - Count of impressions with successful attention prediction based on our models.

Viewable Impressions - Count of impressions where 50% of the ads pixels were on screen for at least 1" (display) or 2" (video).

Viewed Impressions - Count of impressions that our models predict will have been seen by a human eye. "Seen" here means that the ad impression received at least one eye fixation, which could be as short as 100 millisecons.

Total Viewable Time (Seconds) or Total Viewable Time (Hours) - Sum of the duration when viewable impressions had 50% of the ads pixels on screen (i.e. impressions not reaching 'Viewable' criteria are treated as 0). Viewable duration is capped at 180 seconds for each impression.

Total View Time (Seconds) or Total View Time (Hours) - The total duration that our models predict the ad impressions will have been viewed for. "Viewing" here involves eye gaze on the ad. This metric records the total amount of visual attention the ads received.

APM (Attention Per 1000 Impressions) - Aggregate amount of ‘eyes on’ visual attention received per 1000 impressions. APM (Attention Per 1000 Impressions) = (% Viewed * Avg. View Time) * 1000 (Equivalent to Total View Time / Measured Impressions) * 1000

Avg. View Time - The average amount of time an ad was viewed per measured impression. Avg. View Time = (Total View Time / Viewed Impressions)

% Viewed - % Viewed = (Viewed Impressions / Measured Impressions)

% Measured - % Measured = (Measured Impressions / Impressions)

Avg. Viewable Time (Seconds) - The average amount of time an ad was viewable per impression. Avg. Viewable Time (Seconds) = (Total Viewable Time (Seconds) / Viewable Impressions)

% Viewable - % Viewable = (Viewable Impressions / Impressions)

aCPM - Cost per 1000 Attentive Seconds. aCPM = Total Cost / Total View Time (Seconds) * 1000