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Sizmek Tags

Sometimes it may happen that you will receive JS banner tags for Sizmek. But the tags may not be compatible with our DSP platform, without any additional changes. 

Lets take an example of a bad tag: 

 <script src="[timestamp]&z=10000"></script>
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" border=0 width=300 height=250></a>

Upon looking at the tag there are a few things: 

  • First of all our {CLICK_URL} macro is missing.
  • And no use of {CACHEBUSTER} macro.
  • The URL in the <a> needs to be encoded. 

In order to fix the tag, we need to make several changes. 

To start let's look at the correct tag.

<script src="{CACHEBUSTER}&ucm=true&ncu=$${CLICK_URL}$$"></script>
<a href="{CLICK_URL}" target="_blank"><img src="" border=0 width=300 height=250></a>

1. {CLICK_URL} macro is added in two places, the <script> part of the tag, and the <noscript> part of the tag. 

<script> part of the tag: to insert the {CLICK_URL} macro you have to add the "&ncu=$${CLICK_URL}$$" of the first URL. 

<noscript> part of the tag: insert {CLICK_URL} before the href="" url

2. Enable Cachebuster. Cachebuster in Sizmek is enabled, by using the [timestamp] property of the URL. To enable this from our DSP end, that has to be changed to {CACHEBUSTER}.

3. Encode the <noscript> URL: the after the {CLICK_URL} part has to be encoded. To encode the URL use this tool: