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Macro and attribution window requirements for Adjust tracking

Adjust support team recommended to include macros with both click and impression tracker for accurate data collection and minimizing data discrepancy between Adjust and Eskimi Dashboard.

Here are our macros they suggested to add:

GPS - {gps_latitude} {gps_longitude}
ADID/IDFA - {device_id}
OS Name - {device_os}

For example if you have this click URL from Adjsut: you will need to include these marcos like this:{device_id}&idfa={device_id}&os_name={device_os}

And later append our install_callback.

So the final Click URL will be:{device_id}&idfa={device_id}&os_name={device_os}&{eucid}

Now if there is any event tracking on top of that please refer to this article: Adjust in-app events tracking setup

For impression URL:

Along with macros you will need to include install_callback, example:{device_id}&idfa={device_id}&os_name=

Attribution window

Recommended attribution windows for click and impression, you can edit your Adjust attribution windows (All Settings > Attribution)

For Click Based:
Device Matching: 7 Days | Probabilistic Matching: 24 Hrs
For Impression Based:
Device Matching: 24 Hrs | Probabilistic Matching: 6 Hrs

If you still face any major discrepancy issue, reach out to

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