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Looker Studio integration (external)


Eskimi has an option for basic integration with Google Looker Studio, but it is very basic, so the information we can transfer is Impressions, spend, clicks, but nothing advanced like media spend, or top creatives.

Another thing, our Looker Studio code is not approved by google, as it's a long and developer time consuming process and Eskimi has not find a need for it yet. Sometimes external users who try to connect to Looker Studio can face this error:


If you get this error, and you cannot see an option to skip this error and still connect to the Looker studio, there is no workaround for this. The only solution we can offer if you encounter this issue is to create a custom Looker studio report with with the splits user requires (If the user chooses to go with this method, it will take for the team to build the report, and also the user won't be able to add no splits by themselves).


To receive the Looker Studio connector URL, you will have to provide an email witch will have access to the connector(must be gmail domain). Then you will receive the URL in your email after the Eskimi team creates the connector.

After you go to the connector, you will most likely see this window:


You will have to click on "Hide" -> "Go to Copy of eskimi-datastudio-connector (unsafe)" -> Authorise (and authorise the connector with your gmail account to witch the access was shared).

If you will encounter the error that was mentioned in the "Introduction part" sadly there is no way to bypass it, and the only other is option to go with Looker Studio custom report.

If everything goes well, after Authorising the connector you will see this window:


To authorise with the connector you will need to:
This is the Eskimi DSP Login (EMAIL ONLY)
This is the Eskimi DSP login password
This is the API Client ID obtained from the DSP once logged in ( ). Client ID has to be generated via that link if it does not exist yet - only when logged in with client credentials. 
This is the API Client Secret obtained from the DSP once logged in ( ). Once client generated Client ID on previous step, the secret will be generated as well. It is visible only when  logged in with client credentials. 

*CAMPAIGN IDS - Here you can enter separate account Campaigns ID’s for which you want to obtain the data, has to be separate with the ; symbol. If you leave the campaign field empty it will take the last 15 campaigns from the account.

Data points you can access with the Looker Studio connector:


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