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Intro to AppsFlyer audience

What is Appsflyer Audience?

AppsFlyer Audiences give brands ability to segment current or past users of their app that meet a specific criteria that they define. However, this segmentation won't generate any business results if it won't be activated. This is where Eskimi come into play. 


Once the client have defined an audience and connected it to Eskimi, AppsFlyer Audiences creates the audience on the Eskimi's system and sends identifiers for the members of that audience to Eskimi This enables us to serve your ads only to these users.

Why it is important to activate app audience?

Data which provides analytics drive only a part of business goals. This is why it necessary to not only track and analyse the data, but to active it. Activation in this sence means to target the users through digital adveritising. 

By activating different app audience segments clients will Increase the efficiency of their remarketing programs. 

Additionally, AppsFlyer Audiences can be combined with Eskimi targeting capabilities which will allow brands to run even more personalized advertising. 

While, Eskimi can offer custom Rich Media solutions for every brand which will increase their brand awareness for their app users. 

Is my AppsFlyer Audience safe with Eskimi?

Yes. The audience which will be transfered through API will be only available in specific account. The audience cannot be transfered to any other account or used outside Eskimi without the client's confirmation. To ensure data privacy, the advertiser ids in the segment files will be hashed using the SHA256 algorithm.

What else clients should know?

The partnership gives great opportunities for brands worldwide to activate their app users, therefore, increasing their brand awareness and performance. 

It is necessary to understand that campaigns will still run based on CPM buying. Therefore, Eskimi highly recommends to plan brand awareness driven digital advertising. 

Additionally both Apple (IDFA) and Android (GAID) identifiers can be transfered to Eskimi and targeted. However, due to iOS 14.5 regulations only users who shared their consent will be transfered and targeted. 

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