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Dashboard overview page


"Eskimi DSP" dashboard is an at-a-glance view of all your campaigns and their main KPI's in the s...

AppsFlyer integration step-by-step


1. Chose your app which you are going to integrate with Eskimi 2. Go to Configuration -> Int...

AppsFlyer integration step-by-step

AppsFlyer integration step-by-step

1. Chose your app which you are going to integrate with Eskimi 2. Go to Configuration -> Integ...

Brand safety solutions on Eskimi

Brand safety

Brand safety refers to the measures taken to ensure that a brand's advertising will not appear al...

Successful performance campaigns on ESKIMI


It is hard to deny that performance campaigns are difficult to carry out, but they are the endpoi...

IBV Video

Creatives Video

What is IBV? IBV (in-banner-video) format is basically an HTML5 video banner, that takes up regu...

Payments to Eskimi DSP

Billing & payments

How to pay? Payments to Eskimi can be made by:-    Wired transfer to Lithuanian, Nigerian, or Si...

Interscroller banner


Interscroller – this banner will be inserted in the content (text) and will appear in the interna...

GDPR compliance


1. Who is your Data Protection Officer? According to the GDPR, it is not obligatory to have a DP...

Starting your first campaign - Video Guide


Here you can view a short video guide on launching your first campaign on Eskimi DSP. Campaign la...

Introduction to Programmatic


Meet Stanley, a middle-aged man in Nigeria. The first thing he does every morning - he opens Punc...

Launching new banner campaign


Launching campaigns on Eskimi DSP can be a bit tricky, so here you can learn how to set up a new ...

Retargeting Site First Party Audience


First-party data is defined as data that was collected directly about your audience. In most case...

Retargeting Apps/Sites Visitors Audience


Creating an App & Site Audience allows to retarget users who have visited specific Apps&Sites a...

Simplified Conversion Pixel Implementation

Tracking Eskimi Pixels

This article is dedicated to users and developers who have to implement the tracking pixel to the...

How to upload Video ads?

Creatives Video

VIDEO ADS:   Step 1: Log in to your DSP account, go to Creative Sets, and on the new page click...

Setting up your campaign


Campaign requirements The goal of the Campaign. Set the goal for the campaign (awareness/ lead g...

Retargeting Geolocation Audience


What is geolocation? Geolocation is the process of determining a user's or computing device's ge...

Introduction to Eskimi DSP


Eskimi DSP is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to buy inventory through ad exchan...

Requirements fo Alcohol creatives


All creatives related to alcohol has to have: - Text: DRINK RESPONSIBLY. - This icon set:  Tex...