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What cookies are used in Eskimi

Privacy and cookies

Cookie category Cookie name Cookie purpose Cookie expiry Functional #.#-#-#-#-#.ack Used to contain user’s survey and quiz answers in Local Storage. Persistent #.#-#-#-#-#.inProgress Used to contain user’s survey ...

UID 2.0 integration

Privacy and cookies Alternative identity providers

UID 2.0 Integration: A User Manual for Programmatic DSP UID 2.0, also known as the Universal ID 2.0, is a collaborative initiative within the advertising industry designed to address the challenges of a cookie-less web, especially with the increased privacy r...

Traffic Junky

Supported Ad Exchanges (Suppliers) Ad Exchanges / Suppliers

Introduction:Traffic Junky is an ad network that specializes in adult content. It's integrated to Eskimi through OpenRTB.Can & cannotCan:* Run simple banner ads, video ads (limitation: for video ads adchoice logo needs to be removed)* Report on results* Optimi...

Screenshots: overview

Various Topics Screenshots: HOWTO

Guide to save time when doing screenshots When you want to capture an ad, here's what you should do: Minimise target audience: Insert a Device ID or cookie into your campaign by uploading User ID list. here's how to get a device ID on android: http...

How to find device ID on iOS

Various Topics Screenshots: HOWTO

If you want to enable or grant permission for IDFA on their iPhone, follow these steps: Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone. Scroll down and select "Privacy." Within the Privacy menu, tap on "Tracking." Toggle the switch to enable "Allow Apps to Reque...

How to find device ID on Android

Various Topics Screenshots: HOWTO

To locate your Device ID on an Android device, please follow these steps: Open the "Settings" app on your Android device. Scroll down and select "Google." Within the Google settings, locate and tap on "Ads." On some devices, you may find th...